When it comes to books on what Paul Weller means to his fans, two books spring to mind – Thick as Thieves: Personal Situations with The Jam and Soul Deep: Adventures with The Style Council. Stuart Deabill is the man behind these two books and many more. 

In conversation with Dan Jennings, host of the Paul Weller fan podcast, Desperately Seeking Paul, Stuart talks us through why he wrote the books, his love of Paul Weller and what it’s like to capture both Paul’s journey and those of his audiences over the past forty-five years.  


About The Authors

Headshot of Stuart Deabill

Stuart Deabill

Stuart Deabill is a West London born author who’s written books on The Jam, Oasis and The Style Council. Earlier this year he self-published his early life humorous memoirs, ‘West Side Stories’, a book that resonated with many lads who grew up in the UK in the 1970’s and 1980s. Stuart also co-runs a small publishing company, Soul Deep Productions, manages bands and promotes music events. 

Dan Jennings Headshot

Dan Jennings

Host of The World’s first Paul Weller Fan Podcast. Ten years ago, Dan gave up his life’s dream and career as a radio presenter, with one big regret… Never getting to interview his hero, the legendary British musician Paul Weller.
His podcast ‘Desperately Seeking Paul’ exists purely to solve that issue… Launched in December 2020, it’ll celebrate its 100th episode this Summer.  The podcast is regularly in the Top 5 Music & Music History Podcasts on Spotify and Apple, and is now part of the Sound Archive in the British Library – preserved for evermore.