Urdu poet and writer Ishtiaq Mir joins us to celebrate the launch of his incredible debut poetry collection, Zindagi Itni To Ho.

Ishtiaq is a founding member of the Yorkshire Adabee Forum, a literary society working to promote and celebrate the Urdu language. Ishtiaq will be sharing some of his favourite ghazals and nazms from the book and, during his conversation with host Madiha Ansari, he will discuss his writing practice and explore the unique range of classic and contemporary themes that continue to inspire him.


Madiha Ansari

Madiha Ansari’s introduction to the arts began in her formative years in Karachi surrounded by Urdu poets and mushairas. Her entrepreneurial initiatives in Bradford include the Cultural Ecology Project, which she established to drive multicultural engagement and aspiration for the arts. Madiha is currently developing skills to produce bilingual autobiographical monologues for the stage.

Ishtiaq Mir

Ishtiaq Mir is a poet and author. He is also one of the six founding members of the Yorkshire Adabee Forum, an organisation that focuses on organising literary events and activities in Urdu as well as incorporating other languages.