Provident Financial Group’s head office is in Bradford, the city in which we were founded in 1880.

The Group specialises in providing credit to those who are not best served by more mainstream lenders – those with lower incomes, those who have not yet built up a credit history or who have a very limited credit history, those who have had problems with credit in the past but are now over those problems. Our staff of 3,500 serve 2.4 million customers through Vanquis Bank’s credit card, Provident’s home credit, Satsuma’s online loans, Glo’s guarantor loans, and Moneybarn’s car finance. We operate throughout the UK and Ireland, and are a member of the FTSE 100.

While our primary role is to supply credit in a responsible manner to our customers, there is a bigger picture that extends far more widely than that of our primary role. This bigger picture encompasses all the other areas where our business touches the wider society in which we operate and, indeed, the wider world. Our aim is to act as a good corporate citizen in both our primary role as a supplier of credit, and in this wider arena, such as taking on the role of principal sponsor of the Bradford Literature Festival.