Are you intrigued by the wonderful world of William Blake, but not sure where to start? Jason Whittaker is here to help with a beginner’s guide to a seminal figure both in poetry and painting. 

This illustrated talk will cover all the Blake basics, asking who William Blake was and what exactly he is famous for. Jason will also be considering why Blake and his writing remain highly relevant and massively influential to poets and writers around the world today. An introduction to Blake is the perfect primer for your own Blakean reading, and a great jumping-off point for our other Blake-based events this year.

About The Author

Headshot of Author Jason Whittaker posing with a sculpture

Jason Whittaker

Jason Whittaker is Head of the School of English and Journalism at the University of Lincoln. He has written extensively on William Blake over a period of thirty years, and his most recent books are Divine Images: The Life and Works of William Blake (Reaktion Books, 2021), and Jerusalem: Blake, Parry and the Fight for Englishness (Oxford University Press, 2022). He is a trustee of the Blake Society and Blake Cottage Trust and editor of the site