Islamic geometric design is a visual language and you can learn how to read and write it! In this workshop, author and artist Eric Broug will show you masterpieces of design from across the Islamic world and explain how they were made. 

You will learn how to make and understand geometric patterns from the Alhambra, Fes & Marrakech, Al-Aqsa, Afghanistan, Thatta and beyond. Using the same methods craftsmen have been using across the Islamic world for centuries, you’ll construct patterns with just a ruler and pencil. 

No prior skills necessary, just bring your enthusiasm! You’ll be amazed by what you have created at the end of the day.

Ages 12 years+

About The Author

Headshot of author Eric Broug

Eric Broug

Eric Broug is an author/educator/ artist, specialising in Islamic geometric design. He has written several popular books on the subject and his work is available in English, Farsi, Turkish, French, Korean and Dutch. During the pandemic, he wrote a new book on Islamic architecture, which will be published in April 2023 by Thames & Hudson. He lives in West Yorkshire and has a shop in Hebden Bridge, selling homeware and gifts from around the world.