An iconic annual event, this year’s Sufiyana Kalaam welcomes The Orchestral Qawwali Project made up of composer and arranger Rushil, singer Abi Sampa and tabla player Amrit Dhuffer, which has found a unique new way to frame the deep reverence and spiritual rapture associated with qawwali.

Qawwali, the most popular form of Sufi music, is part of a musical tradition that stretches back more than 700 years, connecting this event to generations of poets and performers through time. A firm audience favourite, this will be a mesmerising evening of Sufi poetry combined with dance, celebrating the musical traditions of the Punjab and the Indian subcontinent fused with orchestral sounds.

Prepare to be taken on an immersive journey that will hark back to the traditional setting of a haveli, creating a truly unmissable experience.

About The Musician

Orchestral Qawwali Project

The Orchestral Qawwali Project combines ancient islamic poetry and music with modern orchestral arrangements and production techniques. It is sung by Abi Sampa,  produced and scored by Rushil and features the Dhamma Tabla, played by Amrit Dhuffer. Through its use of orchestral instrumentation, classical dance and traditional elements, the trio have brought a new lease of  life to this beautiful and ancient art form. Following its release in 2020, the project has met with widespread critical acclaim, garnered support from the Arts Council and PRS and been the centrepiece of commercial campaigns around the world.