Stretch, relax and find some much-needed calm in our family-friendly yoga sessions. In our restorative workshops, the whole family will learn easy-to-master postures, meditation techniques and simple ways to bring the joys of yoga into your everyday.

So take some time and find a moment of serenity amid the hustle and bustle of daily life.


You will need separate tickets for yourself and any children you are bringing, please make sure book for yourself and any children individually.

About The Author

Picture of Helen Terry stretching next to baby

Helen Terry

In 2015 I was blessed to have my first baby who threw me into the wonderful and chaotic world of motherhood. She turned my world upside down and made me re-evaluate what was important to me, giving me the confidence to really follow my dreams. I left my job in the corporate world and formally trained to help share the wonderful world of yoga with babies, toddlers and children. I set up Diddly Oms in 2017 and have never looked back since. I now spend my days working with schools, nurseries and families in the community.