You may be familiar with the creaking staircases, twisting passages and unnerving portraits of Bradford’s Bolling Hall. A museum by day, the Hall has played host to many a visitor, school trip or family day out. But have you ever walked its halls in the dark of the night? Have you ever stood alone in the city’s most haunted building and felt the chilly night air as it brushes the back of your neck? Perhaps not.

Join us at 11pm for an eerie exploration of the paranormal as historians, Mark Davis and Les Vasey, take you back through time for a look at some of Bradford’s most frightening spectres. Hear stories of famous local ghouls such as Chains Charlie, who stalks the passages of City Hall, and the ghost of Henry Irving, which has been sighted at the Midland Hotel.

Then, get thoroughly unnerved as Helen M Sant shares some spine-tingling ghostly tales before setting off into the night for a unique tour of the most haunted hall in Bradford.

This event is not for the faint-hearted, but for those with a love of the supernatural and a creeping desire to find out more.

We hope you’re not afraid of the dark.

About The Speakers

Mark Davis

Mark Davis is an author, historian and award-winning photographer with a fascination for the lost world of Victorian Britain. His highly regarded books mostly focus on crime, deprivation and poverty.

Helen M Sant

Helen has been a vocal storyteller since 2003, gathering and retelling tales from around the world. Her particular interest lies in folklore, ghosts and ancient legends. She has told ghost stories on guided tours, at corporate dinners, in schools and at festivals, including the British Film Institute’s Gothic Film Festival at Kirkstall Abbey.  Helen regularly creates Halloween events in York and is fascinated by all kinds of paranormal sightings. She often favours gathering stories word of mouth, which are not recorded elsewhere.

Les Vasey

Author Les Vasey is Deputy Director of Bradford Police Museum and a Member of the Society for Psychical Research. He had a successful career in the police attaining the rank of Chief Superintendent in Bradford. He regularly guides groups around the Victorian Police Museum in Bradford’s City Hall where he undertook investigations into reports of psychic activities.

About The Chair

Iain Bloomfield

Iain Bloomfield is the outgoing Artistic Director and Head of Arts at the University of Bradford.  He has a thirty (plus) year career making and developing new performance work in theatres and community spaces. He will continue to do a lot more of that when he leaves.