Coffee. Many of us can’t begin the day without it. We push it through espresso filters, press it in cafetières, even wait until the beans have passed through a wide-eyed South east Asian mammal before grinding them. It’s the second most traded commodity in the world and only water is consumed in greater quantities. But how much do we really know about it?

Abdul-Rehman Malik, journalist and coffee fiend, is on a mission to shed light on the Islamic roots of coffee, explaining how we owe Islam a debt of gratitude for cultivating and bringing coffee to the masses. His journey moves from Yemen to Mecca and even Istanbul as part of an entertaining, interactive paean to the humble coffee bean.


Abdul-Rehman Malik

Abdul-Rehman Malik is a journalist, educator and organiser. He contributes to national and international publications and is a regular panelist on the BBC World Service’s Weekend World Today show; his ‘Pause for Thought’ radio column also airs regularly on BBC Radio 2. He works with young people in exploring Muslim identity through drama and is a speaker on faith issues.