The partition of India in 1947 divided the country into India and West and East Pakistan, leading later to the formation of Bangladesh. While the event may have taken place 75 years ago, its impact is still reverberating to this day in all three nations, and for the many families who were divided by the lines that were drawn.

How did British lawyer Cyril Radcliffe work to draw borders between two new nations? What were, and are, the consequences of this separation and independence process?

Join Senior Lecturer of Near East and Asian Studies at Detroit’s Wayne State University, Saeed Khan, as he answers these questions and introduces us to the events leading up to this historical and, to this day, critical moment. 

About The Speaker

Saeed Khan

Saeed Khan is Senior Lecturer of Near East & Asian Studies and Global Studies of Wayne State University in Detroit, as well the Research Fellow of its Center for the Study of Citizenship. His latest publications include Global Studies: A Reader on Issues and Institutions and What’s Going on Here: US Experiences of Islamophobia between Obama and Trump, co-authored with Saied R. Ameli.