Get your weekend off to a wonderful start with a Wu-style tai chi session led by Bar, your expert practitioner from Yorkshire Tai Chi.

The art of tai chi used to be a closely-guarded secret, with its mysterious origins debated for centuries, but is thought to date back to the practice of a 14th century Taoist monk. The modern styles of Tai Chi we know today are derived from a 17th century style, created by Chen Wangting.

In these sessions, you can experience the qigong (pronounced ‘chee gong’) system of coordinated body posture and movement by learning some moves of your own in the great outdoors.


Headshot of Bar - Yorkshire Tai Chi

Bar – Yorkshire Tai Chi

I first started training taiji in 1999 when I stopped over in Hong Kong for a few days on my way back from Australia. In the hostel I was staying at there was an advertisement for “Tai Chi for Tourists” I went along to join in and was immediately hooked and found a class as soon as I got back to the UK.


At first I found that it was an exercise I could do that did not aggravate my bad back, then later I found that it was slowly strengthening my back and improving my health generally. Now I find it relaxing and meditative, and love passing on this ancient art to others. Originally the art was kept quite secret and only passed on within Tai chi families. Several styles exist today, many named after the families that taught them.  


I teach the Wu family form and I am proud to be the current student and disciple of 5th Generation Dr. Ye Jin the great great granddaughter of the founder / creator of the style, Wu Chuanyou.


The sessions at Bradford city park will begin with something called qigong (pronounced “chee gong”). There are a huge number Qigong exercises for all sorts of things, we practice a simple set for basic health, joint mobility and health.

We will then practice a move or two from a tai chi form. Tai chi is said to be good for all sorts of things, balance and grounding (both physically and mentally) are definitely high on the list.


If you have any questions about what to expect at a class or the types of class I can offer please contact me on 07582 824244.