Inspired by a Lenape Native American myth, this beautiful children’s picture book shows how courage and kindness are what really matter. You’ll never look at crows in the same way again.

In the dark depths of winter, snow is falling and the animals are freezing and famished. Brave Crow sets out on a dangerous journey to find the Sun and beg for warmth. Will Crow succeed, and what will happen to his colourful rainbow feathers?

Naomi Howarth creates glorious illustrations combining lithography with watercolours, influenced by her fascination with myth, legend and folklore. Join her as she reads from ‘The Crow’s Tale’, her first published book, suitable for all ages.

About The Author

Naomi Howarth

Naomi was born and brought up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and studied costume for performance at the London College of Fashion, graduating in 2010. She worked in the film industry for eighteen months before deciding to pursue a career in illustration. She lives on a houseboat in west London.