Ben-Zion Blustein and Andrei Sawoniuk were childhood friends growing up together in 1930s Domachevo, a small town in what is now Belarus. When Nazi death squads invaded and murdered 2,900 Jews in the town, Blustein and Sawoniuk found themselves on opposing sides of the conflict. The two friends ended up bitter enemies, divided by war. The Ticket Collector from Belarus charts their extraordinary journey from 1942 to 1999, via Israel and London.

Was Andrei a brutal killer, a hapless pawn or a scapegoat? Join authors Mike Anderson and Neil Hanson to hear this fascinating tale, and its dramatic culmination at the Old Bailey 50 years later in the only war crimes trial in British history. 

About The Authors

Headshot of author Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson is a senior employee of one of the world’s oldest private banks. He considers himself fortunate to have stumbled across this extraordinary true story and has been relentless in his pursuit of the tale of Britain’s only war crimes prosecution and the parallel lives of Ben-Zion Blustein and Andrei Sawoniuk

Headshot of author Neil Hanson

Neil Hanson

Neil Hanson is the author of a dozen acclaimed works of narrative non-fiction, including The Unknown Soldier, The Confident Hope of a Miracle, The Custom of the Sea and The Dreadful Judgement. They have been hailed by critics around the world as ‘astonishing’, ‘brilliant’, ‘haunting’, ‘extraordinary’, ‘a triumph’ and ‘a masterpiece’, and compared by one to ‘Siegfried Sassoon, Robert Graves and a dozen other immortals’.