An event looking at the way reporting on crime feeds prejudice and perpetuates stereotypes.

Drawing on interviews with journalists and police officers, this is the first ethnographic study of crime news reporting in the UK for over 25 years. It explores the changes in crime reporting over the last 40 years, including the aftermath of the Leveson Report and impediments to crime reporting in the ‘fake news’ era.

Looking to the future, Marianne Colbran considers the ways in which the new investigative nonprofits work with members of the public to report stories that legacy media no longer have time or money to fund – an area of research not previously tackled by media criminologists. The panel will also discuss how crime reporting in the UK – in particular, working practices and lack of diversity in newsrooms and in management – have led to representational harm and the ‘othering’ of Black and other communities, and how nonprofits are working to reverse this.

About The Speakers

Dawn Cameron

Dawn Cameron is a programme coordinator who has worked on a range of projects in the arts, cultural and third sectors over many years. She is a regular chair of events. Dawn has a particular interest in working on projects which focus on socially engaged practice, issues of equality and social justice.  


Moses Mckenzie Headshot

Moses McKenzie

Moses McKenzie is of Jamaican heritage and grew up in Easton in Bristol, UK, where he still lives and writes full-time. An Olive Grove in Ends is an excerpt from his debut novel. The cast is drawn from a Jamaican-Somali community in Bristol. It focuses on the turbulent life of Sayon, a young drug dealer who dreams of starting a new life in prosperous Clifton. It’s a tale of religious faith and friendship, blood money and murder. 


Headshot of Dr. Marianne Colbran

Dr. Marianne Colbran

Marianne Colbranis a Visiting Fellow in Criminology at the LSE.  Her books include, Media Representations of Police and Crime and Crime and Investigative Reporting in the UK, which will be published in June 2022. Marianne has also been a television script writer for thirteen years, including working as a staff writer on the British police show, ‘The Bill’. 

Headshot of Bill Thomas

Bill Thomas

Bill Thomas was the first Black male police officer in South Yorkshire. He’s retired now but last year after 40 years of public service, he returned to his station for Channel 4 to record and retrace the battles, the racism, and the friendships of a remarkable career.