Qasidat al-Burda or The Poem of The Cloak is an ode written, in praise of the Prophet Muhammad, by Imam al-Busiri in the 11th century. The Burda is one of the most famous pieces of literature in this genre, and was written by the poet after being afflicted with paralysis. Imam al-Busiri recounted that, after he had written the poem, in his dream he saw the Prophet Muhammad, who covered him in his cloak. Upon waking he found that he was completely cured.

Join us for a special event with Shaykh Muhammad Idris Watts and the renowned Sufi singers Al-Musafirun. Shaykh Idris will give an overview and introduction to a new commentary on the Burda, ‘The Mainstay’. The book launch will be followed by a performance by Al-Musafirun who will recite three different sections of the Burda in three different styles each introduced by Ustadha Noshin Gul.

The event is sure to beguile and delight those who already familiar with the Burda and those as yet untouched by al-Busiri’s magical ode.


About The Academics

Shaykh Muhammad Idris Watts

Idris Watts has been involved in Islamic education since he accepted Islam in 1998.  Idris’ passion is connecting people to the Quranic Arabic so they can experience it in their lives. His focus is on raising awareness of Islam’s relevance in society today.

Ustadha Noshin Gul

Ustadha Noshin is an accomplished and experienced teacher of the science of recitation of the Qur’an. In 2005, after completing her university studies she decided to travel to the blessed lands of Shaam. She was fortunate to spend two years studying Tajweed and other Islamic sciences in Damascus.

About The Author

Al Musafirun

The Travellers (referred to as ‘Al-Musafirun’ in Arabic) are an emerging UK based group; founded under the patronage of His Eminence, the Erudite Scholar and Guide, Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi.

Since its inception in 2008, the main focus of the group has been on learning and reviving traditional Islamic Poems and Songs (known as ‘Qasaid’ in Arabic). Furthermore; a key goal of the group is to bring to the West, traditional Islamic poems and melodies which have been passed down generations over many centuries. Traditional Islamic Poetry epitomises love for Allah Almighty and His Beloved Messenger, Prophet Muhammad. The name; The Travellers – Al Musafirun, embodies the ethos of every Muslims journey to reach, Allah Almighty. A journey, made blessed through the constant praise and love of Allah Almighty and of His beloved, Prophet Muhammad.