With the invocation of Article 50, Britain once again tries to leave continental Europe. Until 7,000BCE Britain was a part of the continuous landmass of Europe—no English Channel, a minimal North Sea. Then a cataclysmic collapse of land and the flood of water cut Britain off from the rest of Europe. Known to aficionados of the shipping forecast as Dogger Bank, this forgotten landscape is known as Doggerland, Europe’s lost world.

Join University of Bradford Archaeologist Vince Gaffney as he examines Doggerland’s fascinating history and contemporary significance, asking how the UK’s island mentality shapes our view of ourselves and our connections to Europe.

About The Speakers

Vincent Gaffney

Professor Vincent Gaffney is Chair in Landscape Archaeology at the University of Bradford. Deciding to study for a PhD, he moved to former Yugoslavia and the island of Hvar in Croatia. Other research includes fieldwork in Italy, Fort Hood (Texas), Doggerland as well as the Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project.

Owen Greene

Owen Greene is Professor of International Security and Development, at the University of Bradford.  He has played prominent international roles in research, policy development and regional and international negotiations in his areas of expertise over the last 25 years, working with the UN, EU, OSCE and many governments. He is also co-founder, Chair or Board member of several international NGOs and networks, including Saferworld and VERTIC.