Take a trip in a time machine by strolling through Bradford’s Undercliffe Cemetery, a well-preserved showcase of Victorian funerary design, featuring imposing granite obelisks, looming mausoleums, and monumental sculptures.

Historian and photographer Mark Davis will take you through the cemetery gates at dusk, walking you through the final resting place of Bradford’s famous local industrialists, mayors, and businessmen, all of whom have the most prominent spots in the cemetery, while those with less income were relegated elsewhere.

Even in death, Davis will explain, rigid social rules applied and on this tour participants will get a glimpse of Victorian Bradford’s social hierarchy still at work.


Further Information 

The grade II listed Undercliffe Cemetery is the ‘Highgate of the north’. It is run by local volunteers and supported by Bradford Council who maintain the 26 acres of formal and wild spaces, research related history, and host events, whilst keeping the cemetery ‘open for business’ with on-going plot sales and burials.

Stories from Stone is an anthology of poetry and prose inspired by the Cemetery’s statuary, landscape, inscriptions, monuments, flora and fauna edited by writer Irene Lofthouse. For informaiton on where you can purchase the book, please www.undercliffecemetery.co.uk/contact-page/

£8 (£1 from every copy donated to the Undercliffe Cemetery Charity).

About The Historian

Mark Davis

Mark Davis is an author, historian and award-winning photographer with a fascination for the lost world of Victorian Britain. His highly regarded books mostly focus on crime, deprivation and poverty.