Patti Smith once described award-winning photographer Seamus Murphy’s work, as a “wisp of humanity, celebrating the small things”. This humanity can be seen in Murphy’s mesmerising, and people-focussed work, which captures fleeting and very ‘real’ moments of everyday life. Murphy, who grew up in Ireland, has travelled the world to capture his compelling snapshots of humanity in Russia, the US, the Middle East, and most recently here in the UK, for a powerful new series titled Kingdom, exploring Brexit Britain through the lives of ordinary citizens.

In this event, Murphy will revisit his most powerful pictures from Kingdom and Strange-Love, a US-Russia based project that cut to the heart of what it is to be an ordinary citizen of the Western world, living in extraordinary times.

About The Speaker

Seamus Murphy

Photographer Seamus Murphy has won seven World Press Photo awards. His work is in the collections of The Getty Museum and Imperial War Museum. Seamus is an author of four books and makes films for The New Yorker. His documentary ‘A Dog Called Money, a collaboration with musician PJ Harvey, premiered at the Berlinale.